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 Multi-District Special
 Programs Personnel






Amy Loyd

Instructional Aide - Panther Creek

Amy Dierschke

 Fairview Behavior Unit Teacher

Lora Hanning

Fairview BAC Aide

Delma Arredondo

Fairview VTP Aide

Roy Harris 

 Community Based Teacher

George Wilks

Community Based Instructional Aide

Karen McEntyre

 Community Based Instructional Aide

Pam Girard

 Vocational Adjustment Class Teacher

Norm Condray

Vocational Instructional Aide, Fairview



Kristy Hooten

 Wall FLC Teacher

Darla Avila

 Wall FLC Teacher

Tricia Cook

 Wall FLC Teacher

Courtney Watkins

 Wall FLC Aide

Jeriann Moore

 Wall FLC Aide

Shelly P. Sanford

 Wall FLC Aide

Kerri Hoelscher

 Wall BAC teacher

Kaitlyn Wallace

 Wall BAC Aide

Joe Rodriquez, Jr.

 Wall MS BAC Aide

Emily Gonzales

 Wall MS BAC Teacher



Dee Dee Schniers

 eribest PPCD Teacher

Bibianna Faia

Veribest PPCD Aide

Debby Hendrix

 Veribest PPCD Aide

Christina Schwartz

 Veribest PPCD Aide



Itinerate Personnel


 Cindy Hoefs - Teacher of the Visually
 & Auditorially Impaired

 Dawn Traylor

 Jackie Powers - Social Worker

Kandace Arrott

 Rebecca Webb—Occupational Therapist

Angela Taylor


Trish Probandt  - Contract LSSP


 Speech Language Pathologists

 Denise Pence

 Karly Cantu

 Martha Chitsey

 Charlene Warren

 Suzy Roberts

 Susan Kleypas

 Harmony Nilius

 Mindy Weyman


 Ouida Hahn


 Stephanie Little